Rafa Ortiz Trades Kayak For Inflatable Lobster To Drop 70-Foot Waterfall

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In the world of extreme whitewater kayaking, pro athletes are always looking for new ways to push their limits. In most cases, this would mean finding a bigger waterfall or a new gnarly set of rapids to drop.

This isn’t the case for pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz. For someone who has already accomplished so much in his career, including being one of the few people to drop Palouse Falls (57.6m), the tallest waterfall ever dropped by kayakers, he is now looking for new ways to push this sport.

“Outlet Falls is a 70-foot waterfall that has never been done before in a pool toy, and for me, it is a natural progression of the sport,” says Ortiz. “I want to be part of this evolution.”

Pool toys were not his only venture into the uncommon of the sport. Another video done in partnership with GoPro, Ortiz can be seen dropping a 50-foot waterfall after being set completely on fire.

Ortiz continues to entertain with his creativity and this humorous video is nothing shy of that. “I’m supposed to do homework…… instead I watch a dude jump waterfalls with an inflatable lobster,” wrote Youtube commenter MILTOS.

At Paddling Magazine, we hope to eventually have a wide selection of inflatable invertebrates available in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide. However, we do not recommend you try to drop a waterfall with them.

What will be next? | Featured Video: Courtesy of Red Bull

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