Adventurous Kitty Loves The Outdoors (Video)

This kayaking cat has it all figured out

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When you think of all the places you might stumble upon a contentedly napping cat, the deck of a floating kayak isn’t high on the list. Nonetheless, this adventurous cat named Gary is more than happy to go kayaking with his owner through all sorts of scenic locales. On land and on water Gary takes new experiences in stride, and he does so while wearing outfits that would put many human adventurers to shame. Those goggles!

All on board for kitty kayaking

At Paddling Magazine we have previously extolled the virtues of bringing your four-legged friend along on a paddling trip. We weren’t writing with cats specifically in mind, but adventurous felines like Gary—while the exception—are definitely not unheard of. The trusty ship’s cat is a long-held tradition, hunting vermin and providing companionship to sailors at sea. Cats have even served in the ocean depths aboard Russian submarines. Compared to those demanding circumstances kayaking with your cat should be a breeze, right?

In reality, not all kitties are cut out for adventure. It’s important to go slow when introducing your pet to any new experience. Pay close attention to their cues and follow their lead when it comes to comfort level. If your cat is inclined to explore, natural curiosity will take care of the rest.

Safety first for adventurous pets

Most importantly, always look after your pet’s safety with a leash, harness and the proper rescue equipment (like the pet PFD modelled so fetchingly by Gary). With patience and training you might be surprised what your own cat is capable of. As Marina Ventures says in the comments, “We too take our cat adventuring! It’s a beautiful thing!”

No luck kayaking with your cat? If your pet is more of a homebody, live vicariously with more fun footage from Gary The Cat’s Instagram, @greatgramsofgary.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I love that you featured an adventure paddling kitty! I take my cats kayaking (and hiking, and mountain biking, and cross-country skiing) as well, and they love it! I’d like to recommend a feline-specific PFD, appropriately called the feline flotation device (FFD) designed by my friend and field-tested and modeled by her cats and my cats! Please check out Lyra Cat to see what we are doing to take out cats adventuring!


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