If you’ve ever shopped at Ikea, you have probably marveled at the Swedish engineering that packs wardrobes and desks into flat boxes that fit in a Prius. Similarly, Point 65 Kayaks, based in Sweden, builds innovative, modular plastic kayaks like the Mercury GTX that stash in a closet or compact car.

Point 65 Mercury GTX Specs
Length: 13’7”
Width: 23.6”
Material: Rotomolded polyethylene
Weight: 55 lbs
MSRP:  $1,379

Sizing up the Point 65 Mercury GTX

The Mercury offers multiple configurations

The Mercury GTX solo breaks apart into three manageably sized sections, with the bow section fitting into the midsection’s cockpit for storage. The pieces assemble in seconds using Point 65’s patented Snap-Tap technology: interlocking bulkheads paired with deck-mounted ratchet straps.

Each section is entirely self-contained, the spacious bow and stern hatches on our demo boat were bone dry even with waves washing over the deck. The modular design is also versatile—you can snap in a second cockpit section to transform the Mercury into a tandem kayak.

Speed and handling of the Mercury GTX

While a slight hull flex at the section joints is detectable when carrying the Mercury on land, it isn’t noticeable on the water. Hull speed matches that of comparable light touring kayaks. Generous initial stability and a large cockpit cater to novice and recreational paddlers, but the Mercury is no slouch in rough water. Edge turns feel sporty and responsive, although the cockpit opening is too wide to really lock in your legs.

The Mercury’s AIR seat has inflatable lumbar and bottom support for all-day comfort. Gas pedal-style foot braces control Point 65’s pivoting stern keel, which has a cleaner deck profile and less windage than an external rudder. An integrated skeg works more as a steering enhancement than a set-it-and-forget-it tracking aid—since there’s no way to lock out the stern pivot, you’ll always have to be mindful of steering with your feet.

Is the Mercury an ideal boat for you?

While it’s true that a sectional kayak like the Mercury GTX doesn’t fit into a backpack, it is by far the fastest option for those who want the ease of launching a hard-shell and the storage smarts of a portable kayak.

Ideal for: Sneaking in a paddle at lunch, weekend tours on all types of water.

Assembly Time: 2 minutes

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Video review of the Point 65 Mercury GTX Modular Kayak:



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