Best Throw and Tow Bags

Best throw bags for whitewater boaters in 2020.

Discover some of the year’s best throw and tow bags from Kokatat, Level Six and Salus Marine. Throwbags are some of the most important safety items for whitewater paddlers. Here’s Paddling Magazine’s top five favorite throw and tow bags for 2020.

The Best Whitewater Safety Gear in 2020

Huck 50′ Throw Bag with Belt by Kokatat 

Price: $79

For paddlers who place a premium on being prepared, this compact throw bag comes with 50 feet of quarter-inch floating polyethylene core rope (max strength 1,465 pounds). It has a fully adjustable quick-release nylon belt and can be worn on the waist or lap. Easy to stuff after each use, the bag fits flat against the body, has a quick-drying mesh top, foam side panels for flotation and reflective piping.

Quick Throw Pro from Level Six

Price: $120

The Quick Throw Pro features 65 feet of 3/8” static dyneema rope with a new glow in the dark sheath. Its new easy re-stuff system means you can pack the bag faster and easier than ever before. High-visibility reflective piping and screens, mesh drainage panels, a 600-denier durable nylon bag and belt loops to pair with a new quick-release throw bag belt creating the ultimate rescue system available.

Amigo Throw Bag from Salus Marine

Price: $49

This handy and compact side-worn throw bag clips easily to a belt pack inflatable. Comes equipped with 50 feet of paracord, a light and whistle. This throw bag provides all of the legal requirements for SUP and other small craft. Available in lime, red and pink colour.

Sea Throw n’ Tow from Salus Marine

Price: $89

Ideal for sea kayaking, the Sea Throw n’ Tow has the ability to set up multiple tow lengths and contains 15 meters of polypropylene line with a spectra core for reduced resistance while dragging through the water in a tow scenario. A large high-visibility bib allows for easy throwing in a rescue scenario or to other sea kayakers. Bungee cord is removable to absorb wave shock.

Huck 70′ Throw Bag from Kokatat

Price: $169

Ideal for kayak touring, the Salus Ungava is a unisex-style vest with all of Salus’ trademark features, including soft foam, round edges and contour fit. Additional features, including hand-warmer pockets, the ability to attach a quick-release belt, zippered security pocket, mesh drop-down pocket for quick access, five lash points and added reflective trim, make the Ungava a welcome companion on any water adventure.


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