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Simply put, not all fishing kayaks are of the same caliber. You may be walking down the aisle at your local paddling shop thinking, “These fishing kayaks all look the same. Is one actually better than another?” The short answer is yes.

There are dozens of fishing kayak brands on the market. Many of the basic features, like rod holders or seats, are quite similar from one brand to the next. But the quality of materials and construction, as well as design elements, vary widely between fishing kayak brands. These differences will affect the kayak’s performance, your level of safety and the overall experience you have with your fishing kayak.

In this article, we will share some insights about the top fishing kayak brands.

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Finding the right fishing kayak starts with some research into the fishing kayak brands available today, and the models they offer. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive resource of fishing kayaks in the Paddling Buyer’s Guide.

The links below will take you to our brand pages in the buyer’s guide, where you can find out a little more about the brand and start browsing the fishing kayak models they offer, including specs, features, reviews and more.

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Digging through page after page of kayaks can be time consuming, especially if you already know the type of fishing kayak you want to own.

Are you seeking a pedal drive kayak to keep your hands free for casting? Looking for an inflatable option you can roll up and throw in the trunk of your car?

The links below will bring you directly to a rundown of the kayak type you are interested in and the brands that produce models of that type.

Pedal fishing kayak brands

Sit-on-top fishing kayak brands

Sit-inside fishing kayak brands

High-end fishing kayak brands

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Recreational fishing kayak brands

Inflatable fishing kayak brands

American-made fishing kayak brands

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Best fishing kayak brands

Which Hobie Mirage will work best for you? Where can I buy a Lifetime fishing kayak? What should I consider when looking at a used Vibe kayak?

In the article links below we dive into each of the top fishing kayak brands, taking time to discuss the history of the company, their top models and design features particular to each.

We also provide some buying advice and the quirks longtime users know to look for, whether you are looking at new or used.

How to choose a fishing kayak brand

Like a favorite professional sports team, or a particular make of sneaker, many kayak anglers are loyal to the brand of fishing kayak they are sporting on the water. Does the brand of fishing kayak you use ultimately matter? Is there a top fishing kayak brand? These are questions you could debate endlessly with diehards at the tackle shop, but there are a few reasons why it’s worth coming to a conclusion.

The price tag premium paid for a fishing kayak may seem unwarranted when the kayak looks exactly the same as a cheaper option just down the aisle.

The higher-end name brands are often more expensive because of superior and more sophisticated manufacturing processes and the quality of the parts they’ve chosen to install.

Warranties are good indicators of what the manufacturer thinks of its own parts and construction. They give you an idea of the brand’s willingness to stand behind the kayak they’ve made for you. Does the kayak brand offer a warranty for five or 10 years? Or even the entire lifetime of the kayak? A brand’s confidence in its products can speak volumes.

Another argument for why brand matters is a kayak maker’s understanding of what they do. Anyone with a plastic factory can throw a boat design in a mold and pop something out that floats. But do the designers and builders understand kayaking and kayak angling?

A brand like Hobie has long been at the forefront of coastal fishing kayak design. This makes sense, since they have been building water toys on the coast of Southern California for more than 50 years.

Likewise, Old Town has been building crafts for the sportsmen of Maine and beyond since 1898.

There are also fresh brands made up of angling professionals and enthusiasts producing high-quality products to push the sport of kayak angling. Bonafide kayaks only just emerged as a company in 2016, but they are based in the Southeast, where the kayak fishing seasons are endless.

An important aspect of choosing a brand comes down to the nuanced details in a kayak’s design that affect performance. The angle of a seating position, placement of a storage compartment, or trim of the kayak while sitting flat on the water may all affect your enjoyment, and whether you catch your limit. Brands that know kayak angling know how to make a kayak you will enjoy, because it’s both performance-oriented and comfortable.

If budget is the largest factor, and you are just looking for a fishing kayak to get you on the water, brand names may not seem to be much of a factor. Hey, even the cheapest kayak will float, and for some paddlers this may be enough. But to get your dollar’s worth and have the most enjoyable kayak experience possible, you may want to consider at least a few kayak brands.

Beyond browsing the Kayak Angler Buyer’s Guide there are other great ways to find the best fishing kayak brand for you.

First, talk to the owners of your local paddling shop. They will carry multiple brands and can point out the subtle differences.

Second, talk to your fellow kayak anglers. They will have plenty to say about why they do or don’t enjoy certain kayak brands. Though much like a debate over car companies, always take in the information they provide with an understanding there is likely some embellished opinion thrown in as well.

Most important of all, try out various brands of fishing kayaks. If you just go with one brand from the get-go you may think they are all the same. But by trying others you may find there is, in fact, such a thing as the best fishing kayak brand for your angling outings.


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