Video: How to Repair a Kayak on the Water

This advice could save your paddling partner and your entire trip

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Offshore rocks are magnets for paddlers, but one mishap can mean a damaged kayak. If you are paddling where there are no suitable landings, the ability to repair your kayak on-water can be the difference between an epic and just a good story.

In this video, Leon Sommé and Shawna Franklin of Body Boat Blade show you some top tips for managing and repairing a kayak on-water, as well as some of the simple tools they use to fix a boat on the water. Practice on flatwater first, but realize these repairs can also be done in a good-sized sea state.

Leon Somme and Shawna Franklin repair a kayak on the ocean in a rescue situation
Being able to fix your kayak on the water is the must-have skill. | Photo Credit: Body Boat Blade

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