If you are ever trying to get into a big city and you want to go paddle around, Kayak Chicago might be the right place for you. Kayak Chicago says that if you want to go kayaking in Chicago, go visit the folks at Kayak Chicago.

Kayak Chicago Tours

They have a list of tours that you guys can go to. One of the most popular tours is the fireworks paddle. Those startup after Memorial Day, every Wednesday and Saturday there’s a firework show that goes off in navy pier.

They take a group of people down to Navy Pier in kayaks to watch the fireworks show and then head back.

Other tours include the sunset paddle and the city lights paddle. These are really popular during the summer as well. People who come out will get to see the city lit up at night.

They have these little pool noodles that have led lights in them so they can light up everybody’s boat so everyone can be seen at night.

Kayak Chicago River

Kayak Chicago also has architecture tours that run twice per day. One at 10 am in the morning and then another at 3 pm in the afternoon. These are three-hour paddles that start at the northern part of Goose Island on the Chicago River, and make their way down through the downtown core of Chicago. Stops are made around State and Wabash before making their way back home. So essentially you can circumnavigate an island in Chicago without ever having to leave the city.

Other offerings from Kayak Chicago include courses to learn to kayak. These are great for people who have just gotten a boat, they don’t really know how to kayak and they want to gain a little bit more confidence in being in a kayak. So with these learn to kayak classes, they’re perfect for beginners.

Now if you have a little more experience and you want to spend some time in a sea kayak, you want to learn how to outfit a Kayak, how to self rescue yourself or how to roll the kayak there is a four-week progression course that meets on Saturdays and Sundays.

Chicago Kayak Rentals

Kayak Chicago has three locations including two beach locations. They offer paddleboard rentals as well as kayak rentals.

For more information about Kayak Chicago, you can visit their website at kayakchicago.com.


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