50 Years Of Running Rivers With NRS (Video)

Founder Bill Parks on the past and present of the half-century-old river supply company

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When Bill Parks set out to start his own business, he wanted to see if he could put to real-world practice the lessons he had been providing students at business school.

“My experience was in an office. With the whole rows of people doing approximately the same thing I was doing. I wanted to see if I could do the things I was teaching,” explains Parks.

50 years later NRS is one of the most iconic brands in the paddlesports community.

In this video from NRS, the river runner and founder of the brand discusses what he set out to accomplish in 1972. As well as what he believes the employee-owned company stands for a half-century later.

“Sometimes you guys tell me that I’m important to the company, and I pretend I believe them,” Parks continues. “It’s about the people at NRS now. It’s just an amazing company that I am really so happy to have been associated with.”


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