A Beginners Guide To Greenland Paddles (Video)

It's not a question of modern vs. traditional. The difference comes in the ergonomics of how you’re driving the stroke

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This video is for those of you wondering what the heck is the appeal of the Greenland Paddle—A.K.A. the skinny stick.

With the majority of modern sea kayaking paddles adopting a spoon-bladed design, it may seem odd to revert to a paddle with substantially less surface area for water catch (typically we’re looking at a 2.5-3.5 inch width at the tip of the Greenland blade). But according to Brian Shultz from Cape Falcon Kayak, size doesn’t necessarily matter.

The difference actually comes in the ergonomics of how you’re driving your forward stroke. With the Greenland paddle, you can adopt a lighter grip than its Euro counterpart, releasing tension on your forearms and shoulders.

Shultz recommends adopting a “push” approach with the exposed paddle blade, rather than relying entirely on the pull of your submerged blade. This technique naturally will promote better torso rotation and a more effective forward stroke.

For paddlers thinking about making the transition in paddle types, Shultz provides a solid summary of the basic advantages in ergonomics, maneuvering, rolling, sculling, and stabilizing your kayak with a Greenland paddle.

Featured video and tips courtesy of Cape Falcon Kayak.

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