Chev Dixon Set To Embark On 300-Mile Navigation Of Hudson River Estuary (Video)

Dixon will be the first person to accomplish this journey using only human-powered transportation

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On May 7-15, 2022, multi-disciplinary paddler Chev Dixon will embark on a two-part, 300-mile exploration of the Hudson Valley Estuary using only human-powered equipment–running, hiking, cycling, paddleboarding and kayaking.

Dixon’s journey will start on land in New York City (NYC) and, on foot, he will travel to Albany. Next, the challenge circles back to the NYC Battery by river (paddleboarding and kayaking).


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Dixon will be the first person to accomplish this journey using these different forms of human-powered transportation.

The mission of the expedition is to encourage and inspire inner-city youth to be active, challenge themselves and explore the great outdoors. In addition, Dixon wishes to promote local adventures and challenges without traveling too far.

Find out more about the project and donate to the fundraiser here.

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