Jackson Kayak Unveils The Gnarvana (Video)

The Latest Jackson Creek Boat Promises Big Boofs And Unmatched Confidence On Whitewater

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Jackson Kayak took the acclaimed Nirvana, and cranked up the dial for their newest creek boat design, the all-new 2023 Gnarvana.

The Gnarvana brings more bow rocker than Jackson has ever produced, and the list of design features keeps rolling from there. The goal, to produce high-flying boofs, fast skips, a dry ride, and most of all, complete confidence in whitewater. In this video from Jackson Kayak, Dane Jackson provides a complete Gnarvana walkthrough.

From the Paddling Buyer’s Guide:

Jackson Kayak Gnarvana
Jackson Kayak

Gnarvana - Medium

Jackson Kayak’s Gnarvana takes our favorite features of the top selling Nirvana and adds a whole new level of performance. The highest rockered bow, significant stern rocker, and a wider center point, to ensure that you feel high, dry and stable. The float and rocker profile make this creek boat incredibly easy to maneuver. Whether you are looking to run the hardest whitewater, or make it down your backyard run with ease, the Gnarvana is gonna rock your run.




The Jackson Kayak Gnarvana is the Best Whitewater Boat of 2023 as voted by the public in the fourth annual Paddling Magazine Industry Awards. Read more and see a complete list of winners here.


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