Kayak Explodes In The Middle Of Waterfall

A risk you might not have thought of

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Wade Harrison has a video posted on his Youtube channel showcasing a kayak that explodes while going down the last drop on Avalanche Falls. An experience that would have likely been terrifying for the individual inside the kayak.

Great to see that the paddler was wearing a helmet and PFD and had the support of his friends on this run. You can see he managed to swim off to river right just before the next set was starting.

Some great comments from others on the video highlighting that he did in fact make his roll and that this should not have been considered a swim.

Please be advised the language may not be suitable for all audiences.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Wade Harrison

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  1. Another comment on FB states that this is an old video AND that the boat depicted was a prototype…the latter being a BIG factor in the issuance of this story…but failed to make the final edit apparently.


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