Nouria Newman Catches Fantasy Falls (Video)

The aptly named section is argued the greatest stretch of whitewater in California, and at that, perhaps the U.S.

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It’s argued the greatest section of whitewater in California is up in the headwaters of the North Fork of the Mokelumne River in the Sierras. A section of river aptly called Fantasy Falls, where clear mountain water twists down long stretches of pink granite. It’s a reach on the dream list for any whitewater kayaker looking for the most rowdy, remote, high-quality rivers in the world. The trouble is catching during the California snowmelt season.

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Nouria Newman has been getting after the goods in the U.S. this year, including one of the best California seasons in recent memory. What better way to cap it off, than with this run down Fantasy Falls.


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  1. While I enjoy watching the world’s best paddlers style class V as much as the next guy I take issue with your calling this “arguably the best whitewater in California, or the U.S.” or anywhere. Best for who? If you told me the best restaurant was one that only the richest 1% could go to, or that a law that only works for 1% of the country was the best, I’d call you elitist. Please consider your position in the paddling community and the messages you promote

    Aging class 4+ paddler, Portland

    • To their credit, nowhere is it stated that the run is **definitively** the best whitewater. In fact, they use the term, “is this granite classic the best stretch of whitewater?” in their email, then further state the opinion-based “it’s argued the greatest section of whitewater in California” in the article. I haven’t paddled Fantasy, but I’m surely not offended by some folks holding the opinion or arguing that it’s the best run. Let’s all take a deep breath as a society and try not to be outraged at everything – especially other folks’ harmless opinions such as this one.


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