Secrets Of The Sub-Four-Minute Green Race Run (Video)

Get out your notebooks, the record holder of the prestigious creek race is here to divulge

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Dane Jackson competed in the Green Race for years before winning the event. Each time, learning from a minuscule error or misfortune proved costly on such a technical course. Then, in 2018, Jackson won his first Green Race. From that year on, Green Race aficionados knew it was just a matter of time before Jackson broke the elusive four-minute barrier.

It happened in 2022. Jackson posted an unbelievable time of 3:58.6—a feat that required a run of perfect power, pace and grace. Now, the Green Race record holder is here to divulge the secrets of his sub-four-minute 2022 run just days before the 2023 event.

The 2023 Green Race is available to stream live. Find more info at


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