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“‘Kayak Free Kayaking’ is the latest outdoor adventure parody from Mark Odlum & John Dabrowski of the sketch comedy group ‘The Smart Department’. 

Join us as we follow the world’s greatest kayaker, adventure icon Trip Deacon, while he pushes action sports to new limits and creates the concept of kayaking without a kayak. Follow Trip as he searches for life’s meaning and attempts to conquer his dream of being the first person to ever kayak down Lombard Street in San Francisco… without a kayak.

Witness the danger through helmet mounted cameras as Trip Deacon throws fear aside and drops into the unknown world of Kayakless Kayaking.

This epic action sports odyssey was filmed on location in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California in hi definition using GoPros, a Contour HD and a Canon 5D Mark II and a lot of Redbull.”

From The Smart Department. 

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