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“During the first semester of my senior year of college I decided to participate in a new kayaking study abroad program that is the brain child of New River Academy‘s David Hughes. It was called Patagonia Study Abroad, and was the single greatest adventure I have ever been on in my life. This first episode is a tribute to all the days we spent on the Palguin river, which was our backyard run, a short 15 minute drive from our base at Pucon Kayak Hostel. Everyday during the week after we finished classes we would go run countless laps on the Palguin and it was probably the best training ground one could ask for. Under the wing of the great Marcos Gallegos we were transformed from college students that kayak, to kayakers that go to college. Here is a video of some of the good times on the Palguin, with waterfalls, boofs, leans, back-freewheels, freewheels, 70 footers, and a minor beater moment on ‘boof to swim,’ whats not to love? Good friends, good lines, good times!!”

From Wes McCue. 

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