AIRE Sabertooth Raft Review

Sabertooth video

 Watch a video walkthrough of the AIRE Sabertooth and see the boat in action with Rapid’sfounder and publisher, Scott MacGregor. 



The Sabertooth 12 is AIRE’s new inflatable frameless go-anywhere river animal. We’d never have guessed that a raft 12.5 feet long and five and a half feet wide, with 20.5-inch diameter tubes could arrive in a FedEx box not much bigger than a tailgate cooler.

Rolled out by the river we went to work blowing the four chambers—two on each side. The welded-in cross tubes fill with the side compartments as we watch the Sabertooth take shape. AIRE’s two-layer AIREcell system boosts durability by protecting the inner air chambers with an outer orange or white PVC fabric.

The Sabertooth floor comes pre-laced and is raised above the waterline. It drains instantly, doesn’t stretch and won’t catch in the water to slow you down. At one end of the floor there are foot cups serving as a firm anchor point.

The Sabertooth can be ordered with or without a removable thwart that’s positioned using a simple pin and clip system—no lacing or finicky cam straps. For $250 extra it offers more options for seating, paddling and packing.

Everyone in the Rapid office has different rivers in mind for the Sabertooth. Our publisher Scott MacGreogor has had it pegged as the perfect to mid-summer float tripper since we first saw a prototype of at last year’s outdoor industry tradeshow in Salt Lake City. Others are talking creeky big water runs… Click here to continue reading in the free desktop edition of Rapid, Early Summer 2014. 


RPv16i2-50This article originally appeared in Rapid, Early Summer 2014. Read the entire issue on your desktopApple or Android device. 

AIRE Sabertooth 12

Length: 12.5′
Width: 5.5′
Tube Diameter: 20.5″
Bow/Stern Rise: 29″
Waterline: 7’9″
Air Chambers: 4
Weight: 80 LBS
MSRP: $2,699 (no thwart) / $2,934 (one thwart)



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