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Tahe Outdoors’ 11.5-foot Beach SUP-YAK is an inflatable hybrid design that brings together the easy grab-and-go mentality of paddleboarding and the versatility of kayaking. The focus of this hybrid category is recreational paddling that’s fun for the whole family, and Tahe’s easy-paddling SUP-YAK delivers. At just 25 pounds, the 11.5-foot Beach SUP-YAK is stable, lightweight and easy to use either as a paddleboard or a kayak, and for one paddler or two.

North American paddlesports enthusiasts may not be familiar with the brand TAHE, but they’ll know powerhouse brand BIC Sport. Established in France in 1979, BIC Sport was a pioneer in the windsurf industry before expanding into surfing, kayaking and standup paddleboarding. In 2019, BIC Sport was acquired by Tahe Outdoors and rebranded as TAHE. The Estonia-based company is one of the largest and fastest-growing European paddlesports manufacturers.

On the water with the TAHE Beach SUP-YAK

TAHE Beach SUP-YAK Specs
Length: 11’6” / 3.5 m
Width: 36” / 91.5 cm
Thickness: 6” / 15 cm
Volume: 99 gal / 375 L
Weight: 25 lbs / 11.3 kg
Capacity: 450 lbs / 205 kg

The Beach SUP-YAK’s 36-inch width, extra-wide tail and six-inch thickness makes it feel extra stable on the water, while its narrow nose works to cut through chop when under paddle power. The SUP-YAK is more rigid than many other boards of this size I have tried, and that rigidity translates to better on-water glide. Though the three fins are small, they worked together to keep me tracking in a straight line.

There’s so much you can do with this board, even while remaining in protected bays and lazy rivers. I paddled it solo, then with my dog. I don’t practice yoga, but with the full-length deck pad and ample stability, it would be a great choice for yogis of all levels.

The Beach SUP-YAK shined for me as an easy-paddling fishing platform. The Daisy Chain Attachment System made it quick and easy to attach my fishing cooler, and I set up the anchor to the D ring on the tail. My landing net stowed perfectly on the nose’s bungee storage system. Given how stable the SUP-YAK is, I felt very comfortable moving around on the board and casting.

SUP to ‘yak conversion

When you want to turn the Beach SUP-YAK from paddleboard into a kayak, conversion is as quick and easy as latching footrests and the soft and supportive cushioned seat (or seats) to the preferred attachment points running the length of the board. These seats can also double as comfortable beach chairs.

Paddling the Beach SUP-YAK in kayak configuration, I found the high seat and bow rocker helped keep me dry when paddling through some small waves. I didn’t even really get wet. The three-piece convertible paddles that come standard with the SUP-YAK have an aluminum shaft with injection-molded blades, and they were easy to assemble. The ferrules wound up being right where I would naturally place my hands, but they were rounded and smooth, so gripping the paddle there felt just fine.

My father-in-law and I thought we were testing the limits of the tandem capabilities of the SUP-YAK when we set on a clam-digging expedition with my family hound, Gauge. The three of us easily met the top range of its weight capacity, which is 450 pounds. However, even then, the SUP-YAK retained its easy-handling characteristics.

Another benefit of this hybrid design is how easy it is to get on and off. My father-in-law doesn’t paddle much, has a bad back and has had a couple of knee surgeries, so it’s difficult for him to get into the cockpit of a sit-in, and sometimes even a sit-on-top recreational kayak. It was comparatively easy for him to get on and off the Beach SUP-YAK. Then he even offered to carry it back up the beach while I carried the clams. Try doing that with a tandem kayak.

The 11.5-foot Beach SUP-YAK with a Kayak Kit conversion is an excellent option for families who want a complete package in a single design. This beginner-friendly hybrid is easy to transport, easy to store and very light to carry. Add to this its ability to double as a yoga and fishing platform or day-tripper with the capacity to bring all your goodies, and there will be unlimited adventures to enjoy at the beach on this easy-going hybrid design.

About the TAHE Beach SUP-YAK

Options and accessories

The TAHE Beach SUP-YAK is available in 10.5-foot and 11.5-foot lengths. The shorter version is appropriate for solo paddling, whereas the 11.5-foot model can perform as a solo or a tandem. Both lengths of the versatile SUP-YAK are offered in a paddleboard-only package, or with a convertible Kayak Kit package. The Kayak Kit package easily converts the board into a sit-on-top kayak.

Our loaner 11.5-foot Beach SUP-YAK arrived with the Kayak Kit conversion accessories, and everything was packaged compactly in a travel bag that can be carried as a backpack or duffel bag. The bag contained the board, two seats, two footrests, two convertible paddles and a pump.

The included pump is a standard, single-chamber, dual-action pump. With this board boasting a hefty 375 liters of volume, I anticipated a workout while pumping it up. Yet, after just six minutes of steady pumping, I reached 15 psi. That’s pretty standard. To paddle the Beach SUP-YAK as a paddleboard, that’s all the setup required.

There are a couple of design features paddlers will notice right away upon inflating the SUP-YAK. First of all, there’s a D-ring under the board’s nose. This thoughtful design feature is for towing, but I found it equally handy to attach a bow line to it for more security while transporting the inflated board. Speaking of transport: bow, center and stern carry handles make for easy transport for one or two people, and for easy re-boarding after swimming.

Paddlers will also notice Tahe Outdoor’s innovative Daisy Chain Attachment System (DCAS). This unique feature runs tip-to-tail on both rails and is a latch point for seats, footrests and a bungee storage system. The DCAS system makes it easy to customize your setup to paddler height, solo or tandem travel, different gear carried, and paddleboard or a kayak mode.

The other design feature I love is the full-length honeycomb deck pad. The whole deck is covered, which is perfect for creating a non-slip footing for kids or dogs along for the ride. The 11.5-foot Beach SUP-YAK also comes with three permanently installed fins on the tail, so you don’t have to think about installing fins or potentially losing one.

SUP-YAK construction

This hybrid features Tahe Outdoors’ SUP-AIR inflatable construction, which is a single-layer of PVC encasing a high-density drop stitch core. At 15 psi, it feels reasonably stiff for an inflatable board of its size. In addition, the rails are reinforced with an inner and outer PVC layer, which Tahe calls their Twin Stringer Stiffener Technology (TSST), which helps increase rigidity.

Where to buy the TAHE Beach SUP-YAK



The 10’6 BEACH SUP-YAK is a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 inflatable kayak and paddle board package for 1-person use with plenty of extra capacity for kids, pets and gear. The innovative design combines comfort and convenience for endless play time on the water with family and friends whether standing, seated or lounging around.
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