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Are you looking for kayak reviews? You’ve come to the right place! This article contains all the kayak reviews the Paddling Magazine editorial team has compiled. You’ll find kayak reviews by type, including detailed critiques of the best (and worst) sit-inside and sit-on-top kayaks; kayak reviews by size; kayak reviews by store; and kayak reviews by brand.

Welcome to the web’s greatest resource for kayak reviews. Your paddling journey starts here.

Kayak reviews by type

Kayaks are divided into two main categories: sit-inside and sit-on-top, both of which come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on where you’ll paddle (ocean, large lakes, small lakes, rivers, surf) and your reason for paddling (recreation, fishing, fitness, touring, camping or a combination of these), as well as your experience level, the best way to identify a short list of kayak options is to search by type.

We’ve organized our reviews by kayak type so you can narrow down the best boat for you. Here you’ll find additional types of kayaks you may not have considered, such as inflatable and foldable kayaks, pedal kayaks and more.

Fishing kayak reviews

Fishing kayaks are wildly popular and we’ve created a dedicated article on our sister website, Kayak Angler, exclusively to this type of kayak. Here you’ll find reviews for every fishing kayak on the market, including all the top brands and spanning the entire price spectrum. This is your first and only stop for authentic fishing kayak reviews.

Sit-inside kayak reviews

Touring kayak reviews

Recreational kayak reviews

Whitewater kayak reviews


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