Top 18 Things Paddlers Should Keep In Their Car

Someone will forget something, hopefully you can help

In this video Paul Mason gives an overview of the paddling gear he likes to leave in his vehicle.

Most paddlers are familiar with the feeling of reaching into your bag looking for some piece of gear that you swear you packed that morning. Unfortunately more times than not this bag was packed while you were throwing back your breakfast, feeding the dog and running out the door.

The reality is that this has happened to all of us, and it is going to happen again whether it is you or one of your friends. Since many of us have extra gear kicking around the house, maybe this is the time to pack it up and put it in a bin that now lives in your car instead. You might just save the day at the put-in.

Some of these items are worse to forget than others. Forgetting to bring gorilla tape might not be the end of the world but forgetting a life jacket could kibosh the expedition. Also, a friend who forgets their dry top might still be able to paddle and it will only be cold for them. If your friend forgets a throw bag, it will be you paying for it.

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Paul Mason’s Top 18 Pieces Of Gear To Keep In The Car

1) Life Jacket
2) Garbage Bagpotential rain jacket, garbage collection or inflation device.
3) Air Bags 
4) Helmet
5) Baseball Capto hide that gnarly post paddle hair.
6) Electrical Tape
7) Duct Tape (or Gorilla Tape)quick and dirty repairs.
8) Paddling Dry Jacket
9) Throw Bagif your friends forget this, it is you that pays for it.
10) Extra Piece Of Foam
11) Contact Cementgreat for patch work.
12) Webbing
13) Wirefor the muffler that fell off on the way to the put-in.
14) Vice Grips
15) Lightersecure the ends of cut rope or for the spontaneous post-paddle campfire.
16) Pencil with Duct Tape
17) Sandpaper – remove rough patches before patching.
18) Zip Ties – endless uses.

Other Items You Might Consider Adding:

1) Paddle
2) Cam Strapsyou can never have too many.
3) Carabiner
4) Granola Bars
5) Water Bottle


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