Enter to Win a Melker Rödlöga Sea Kayak & Bending Branches Paddle


  1. Wow! What a great prize package.
    It would be fabulous to win this so I’ll no longer be restricted to the maximum 1.75 hours allowed for signing out a kayak from my paddling club. Being able to kayak farther afield will open an entire new world of paddling opportunities.

  2. I am a senior at age 80 and have kayaked all my life for fun and exercise. I live in El Cajon, Ca. which is surrounded by fresh water lakes but I no longer have a kayak to paddle on them. Hoping you can help me out. The exercise kayaking helps my heart get stronger.
    Pelham Mead, Senior

  3. Nice ocean kayak. Been wanting to try ocean kayaking, but the sit on top fishing kayak, I just don’t trust enough to try it. I have taken it on lakes, with lots of wind and it works great, but not sure how it would do in the ocean, 32 miles away. Think this would be a great kayak to try. Nice prize for sure.

  4. This is a great prize!!! I had the opportunity to paddle one full day in Sweden with this MELKER kayak. Coming from surfski, I could feel similar speed and playfullness as with a surfski while having some storage capabilities which are too often needed on a surfski. Great kayak to have around, for sure !!!!

  5. Buy your own kit items 2nd hand and as you decide @ develop buy new. You can always car share or get a trailer for a bicycle. Army surplus was my starting place

  6. Live on a lake and would love to show off this beautiful Kayak. Would love to win this my Kayak has seen better days

  7. This would be amazing to win. I have just moved to Alberta from Ontario. I would love to explore some of the rivers here.

  8. As a new kayaker to lakes would love to win as I also am only 20 min walk to ocean and could pull down on cart for a day on the ocean as am close to so many islands I could explore.Fingers crossed.

  9. I live right by the ocean, I paddleboard and want to try ocean Kayaking. This would add to my exercise routine. I just love being out on the water, But with a paddleboard you can’t take much with you. I would like to Kayak out to one of our islands, bring everything needed for a nights adventure and back the next day.


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