Bren Orton Chases Norway’s Biggest Whitewater (Video)

"Life is always good in Norway"

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Refusing to be defeated by the challenges that the pandemic brought about in 2020, Bren Orton and a handful of fellow pro kayakers managed to pack their bags and rally out to Norway to sample some of the country’s late-season classics.

Norway—a mecca for stunning scenery and big water drops—is a bucket list destination for most whitewater paddlers. In his most recent short film, Bren commented that, due to being so late in the year, their trip entailed searching for and chasing rivers that still had good flow.

“Travel restrictions and a short season gave us little more than ten days to chase the last of the water this year in Norway,” he said. “Regardless, we still had an amazing time in this country and were reminded once again that for a kayaker especially, life is always good in Norway.”

From watching the footage, it seems like the “Send” crew were successful in finding some of the world’s biggest and most technical whitewater rapids. Watch the full video here.

Filming by: Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern, Halvor Heggem, Fillip Knorr, Huw Butterworth
Edit by: Bren Orton

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