Stakeout With Dane Jackson: Big Water Surfing… And Even Bigger Holes (Video)

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For big water kayakers, the year is not segmented by regular seasons. Spring is generally replaced with “stakeout” season, a term first coined several years ago by Pat Camblin in reference to someone literally surveying–or “staking out”–a wave.

“Stakeout is one of the best seasons of the year,” claims Dane Jackson in his most recent video. Jackson is referring to the annual pilgrimage to eastern Canada to paddle some of the biggest paddle-able rapids and waves on the planet. “Whether you get to surf the biggest and baddest waves, or just simply run the biggest whitewater. There is never a dull day,” he says.

In the video, Jackson checks out the Mistassibi River in central Quebec at rowdy flows. Watch how he gets on.

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