The Internet is a wonderful thing. We scoured YouTube for the top-watched canoe and kayak fails and our office staff can’t stop laughing.

What’s your favorite canoe or kayak fail? Ours is definitely the kayak deadlift in the top video at 2:04 but the “Funniest Kayak Fails 2016” video is a total classic and the “Kayak Fail” video is also hilarious! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Language in some videos could use a bleep sensor.

Funny Canoe Videos

2 Morons Canoe Fail

2:03 mins | Josh Duggan

Was this duo the inspiration for Dumb and Dumber?

Bad Friend Canoe Fail

1:43 mins | River Funsies

Rio Vista Falls in San Marcos TX. A cowardly display of friendship on the river.

As they say in the video, if people are yelling for you to “Go for it” and filming at the same time… think about it first.

Canoe Slalom Fails

1:45 mins | Canoe Sport

This video proves that even the best of the best sometimes get in over their heads.

Funny Kayak Videos

Best Fails Compilation – Stupid People on Kayaks – 2018

5:36 mins | Best 100 Vines

These people (and one pooch) have a lot to learn!

Funniest Kayak Fails 2016

3:51 mins | 8Fails

Just stop. Enough.

That’s it. That’s all, folks. (Although if you really want more, check out this SUP Fails Video.) Don’t try any of these stupid stunts at home—and always wear your life jacket!

Did we miss a funny video? Share it with us in the comments below.


  1. I seem to recall a sorry of an Algonquin Park guide who decided to run the (no longer there) log chute between Ragged Lake and Smoke Lake..


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