Curious Killer Whale Swims Beside Kayaker (Video)

These majestic creatures are estimated to weigh up to 8500 lbs

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Sometimes the difference between a “close encounter” and an uncomfortable one can be measured in mere inches. While out paddling the arctic waters of Northern Norway, this sea kayaker was intimately greeted by a large male killer whale (orca).

The footage shows the orca swimming within touching distance of the kayak, yet the paddler remains calm and seemingly unaffected.

His relaxed demeanor wasn’t totally out of place. Despite the threat implied by the “killer” prefix, killer whales are known for their friendly nature; in fact, there is no record of an orca ever killing a human in the wild. They show little interest in humans, as we are not part of their natural diet.

Whale watching regulations require boaters/kayakers to keep minimum 200 meters away from killer whales and 100 meters away from all other whales at all times. Responsible paddlers endeavor to follow these rules, and rare exceptional encounters do not represent a typical paddling experience.

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