North Fork Championship IX Highlight Reel (Video)

“A massive rock drops into the hardest rapid and makes it even harder”

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When the world’s best whitewater kayakers come together to race down some of the planet’s burliest rapids, you know you’re in for a good show.

The IX North Fork Championship did not disappoint. This summer’s event—informally coined “The Return”—felt monumental to athletes, spectators and organizers alike. Not only did we see the transition in event organization for James and Regan Byrd to the Voorhees family, but we also saw more female athletes representing than ever before.

To add a fresh layer of excitement, a huge boulder dropped into the meat of the infamous “Jacob’s Ladder” rapid, where the final races are held. As the event organizers put it, the hardest rapid got even harder.

“I think what we watch on Jacob’s Ladder, not just this NFC but all of NFCs—but especially this year with that new energy from being gone—is the harmony of the boat, the water and athleticism,” said Ryan Bailey, NFC Emcee & Banks, Idaho local.

Watch the full recap video by Idarado Media here.

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  1. I just watched the North Fork highlights.
    I’m appalled that NO one in any of the footage was wearing a mask, especially with large groups of people in close proximity, even a packed bus of contestants.
    This is TOTALLY irresponsible and the organizers should be ashamed of their total lack of concern for all that attended. COVID19 is NOT over even if people are vaccinated. There are significant numbers of vaccinated people being infected with the new Delta variant and the longer that people don’t get vaccinated and don’t continue taking precautions the longer we’re ALL going to suffer. The organizers should be called out for their total disregard of safety.


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