10 Times Kayaking Went Terribly Wrong (Video)

Kayaking is good fun—most of the time.

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As paddlers, we always prepare for those worst-case scenarios, while simultaneously hoping for enjoyable, drama-free days on the water. The memories we make are usually the endearing kind.

But when those scary, bad days do happen, you can bet the internet will hear about it. YouTube channel “World List” is all about finding “funny, crazy, scary, sad and sometimes chilling information” and compiling it into one easily digestible list.

In a recent video, World List compiled 10 of the scariest kayaking incidents of all time into 12 action-packed minutes. From otters attacking senior boaters, to kayakers being killed by gunfire mid-expedition, this video really has a lot of shocking stories to tell.

Do you believe all the stories told here? Are there any that have been missed off this list? Comment your thoughts below.

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  1. Well I wish I never saw your gruesome video. I’m 74 and still love kayaking. Sticking to calm lakes and photographing deer on shore or wetland areas, where there are no snakes, crocks, or crooks. Lost the plug in my kayak right off the bat, no problem.


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