SEND Crew Descends Zambezi River

Big water and bigger air

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The SEND crew is at it again with an epic video of their descent of the Zambezi River in Africa. The Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa that has some gnarly whitewater that flows into the Indian Ocean.

This video comes with no lack of surfing, flipping, boofing and everything else you want to see in an epic whitewater highlight reel. Outside of the SEND crew’s amazing talent on the water, they never disappoint in capturing great footage and making solid edits. There are some unique perspectives in this video that will leave you wondering how they got up so close.

Going through the comments in the video, everyone seems to be most intrigued by Dane Jackson’s pistol flip on Rapid 5 which is also known as Stairway to Heaven.

The Zambezi River also has a number of commercial rafting trips that descend this river. Some of the raft guides describe Stairway To Heaven as a similar feeling to dropping off a two-story building to give you a little perspective to its impressive size.

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