The new Demo Rack is an original innovation from Sparehand. Aimed at retailers, the Demo Rack is ideal for showcasing pedal drive kayaks, allowing customers to test out a kayak’s configuration and pedal to their heart’s content without having to hit the water.

“The Demo Racks elevates the kayak to clear the drive system, and allows for easy paddler on and off,” says Spearhand rep Mike Tsou. Sparehand president Dennis Wang was on hand to show how easy and stable it is to get on and off a kayak when resting on the demo unit.

Made of high tensile steel, the Demo Rack comes in two sizes. The shorter option lifts the kayak 14 inches off the ground while the taller unit lifts the kayak 17 inches off the ground. The Demo Rack is rated for 410 pounds.

The Demo Rack can also be used for showcasing canoes. It’s also a perfect storage rack for home use as well.

The Demo Rack’s curved features and safety straps help center and stabilize larger boats.

“This portable rack improves the retailer experience by allowing customers to test boats in-store,” summarizes Tsou. MSRP is $299–$369.



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