If I were going to choose two wheels as a method for transportation, derailleurs, disk brakes and a drop-post would make up some of the parts list. It would be very inefficient to include a canoe by itself in that scenario.

Enter Two Wheels That Will Make Your Canoe Trips More Enjoyable, Easier On The Lumbar And Open Access To More Wilderness Areas

If you want to go fast and light or take time over rough terrain, here are two canoe carts for a solo or tandem adventure. The bike and canoes are not included.

1. Heavy Weight
Expedition Canoe Cart

The Expedition Canoe Cart from Western Canoeing Manufacturing is built to turn heads for reasons other than its looks. The burly appeal of this cart accurately represents the fact that it’s in it to endure abuse time and time again. The fat bike-worthy four-inch-wide tires are 16 inches in diameter providing almost eight inches of ground clearance. Reduce the tire pressure in soft terrain and a smoother ride. These tube-style tires will not slip off the rims.

The UV resistant orange bubble foam encompasses the tubular, stainless steel frame to cradle your canoe. Solo loading is manageable as the foam grips the hull to prevent a slide when securing. Tandem loading? It’s a breeze. The strap system is simple and intuitive. Drape over the gunwales, thread through the buckle and tighten. The narrow wheelbase is advertised for low-speed travel only. So if you decide to pair the Expedition Canoe Cart with a bike shuttle— and we know you will—keep in mind it’s a bit tippy. Note, you’ve been warned. With a 350-pound load capacity, rest assured the Expedition Cart will easily follow you well off the beaten track.




21 lbs


350 lbs

Wheel Size: 

16″x 4″


2. Light Weight
Suspendz Smart Airless DLX Cart

What’s yellow, black and will never give you a flat tire? The Smart Airless DLX Cart from Suspendz features solid wheels so you can leave the flat-tire worries at home. Set up and breakdown can be done the second time around with your eyes closed. Simply pull the pins to remove wheels and it folds into itself.

The cradling platform is 13 inches by 18 inches and packs down into the included mesh bag for convenient at-home and on-trip storage. The arched axle provides generous leeway for moderately smooth portages.

Ideal for kayaks or pack canoes, the Airless DLX features a strap system some may find cumbersome. I had to incorporate a couple extra strap lengths to securely fasten the cart to the center of the hull.The kickstand comes in handy for solo use but is not suited for canoes more than 15 feet in length. Superbly light and compact, the 150-pound weight capacity would be more than sufficient for an extended solo adventure or a couple’s weekend trip.




11 lbs


150 lbs

Wheel Size: 




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