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8 Best Touring Kayaks Under $3,600 for 2020

Discover the year’s best touring kayaks under $3,600 from Delta Kayaks, Zegul, TRAK Kayaks and Oru. These designsare efficient, responsive and a joy to paddle—without skimping on comfort and accessories.

The Best Touring Kayaks Under $3,600

Delta 15.5GT by Delta Kayaks 

Price: $2,350

The 15.5GT is a comfortable cruising kayak with superior load-carrying capacity and sure-footed performance that inspires confidence in all conditions. This expedition-ready kayak offers excellent speed and handling without compromising stability, thanks to an extended waterline and moderate V-shaped hull that keeps paddlers on course in almost any sea state. It delivers the rock-solid stability and impressive glide that give you the confidence to tour farther.

Easy 12’9″ x 26″ by Zegul 

Price: $2,749 -$3,449

Easy to transport, easy to maneuver, easy to paddle. The Zegul Easy is suitable for wide range of activities from day touring to cruising on the lake and fishing. Compact, efficient and suitable for a wide range of rider skill levels and sizes. A well-balanced hull make the rudder only necessary for longer trips. Extra width creates stability while a unique hull design maintains excellent glide.

2.0 by TRAK Kayaks

Price: $3,599

The TRAK 2.0 is the extremely durable, customizable, 16-foot seaworthy portable kayak. Braver than the rest. The TRAK 2.0 is the result of 12 years of innovation and input from more than 1,600 paddlers. They’ve re-engineered their boats to be lighter and stronger, building the ultimate in a touring kayak. Durable. Versatile. Portable.

Traverse 17.5T from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,750

The Traverse 17.5T is a light and fast two-person kayak ideal for new and experienced paddlers. The lightest full-featured tandem in its class, the stable and maneuverable Traverse is a joy to paddle and fits easily in a standard garage. Outfitted for safety, comfort and paddling performance, this sleek double is perfect for your next adventure.

Coast XT from Oru Kayak

Price: $2,499

This fast and capable hardshell origami kayak is designed for rugged expeditions, paddling in surf and wind, and for longer camping trips. When not in use, stash it in your closet, throw it in your trunk, or check it on a plane to make paddling part of all of your adventures. Built dimensions: 16′ x 25″. Boxed dimensions: 33″ x 12″ x 29″. Weight: 36 pounds. Max load: 400 pounds. Assembly time: 15 minutes.

Delta 17 from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,495

The Delta 17 is a fast and versatile touring kayak, ideal for extended trips, comfortable cruising and play. It fills all these roles with satisfying grace and efficiency, and is a veritable champion on ocean swells and in rough conditions. The Delta 17’s V-shaped hull, pronounced chine and moderate rocker offer impressive tracking and a smooth transition to edge. It has loads of storage space for extended tours.

Delta 16 from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,425

Excelling in rough seas, surf and wind, the elegant Delta 16 offers a balanced combination of maneuverability and tracking. This nimble sea kayak stays the course in challenging conditions, holds a lively pace with ease and has plenty of storage capacity for multi-day exploration. With substantial rocker and a moderately concave sidewall, the Delta 16 edges with satisfying bite, and turns on a dime. At 16 feet, its performance is best explored by a medium-sized paddler.

Traverse 15s from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,295

The Delta 15s is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized paddlers seeking a performance kayak with great cruising speed, exceptional tracking and superior edging. Quick, responsive and easy to handle, the 15s is perfect for seasoned paddlers or those seeking to take their skills to the next level. With abundant storage and an optional rudder or spring-loaded skeg, the 15s is perfect for extended touring as well as ocean play.

Best Whitewater Safety Gear for 2020: Throw Bags & Helmets

Discover some of the year’s best whitewater safety gear from Kokatat, Level Six, Predator and Shred Ready. Helmets and throwbags are two of the most important safety items for whitewater paddlers. Here’s Paddling Magazine’s top five favorite safety items for 2020.

The Best Whitewater Safety Gear in 2020

Huck 50′ Throw Bag with Belt by Kokatat 

Price: $79

For paddlers who place a premium on being prepared, this compact throw bag comes with 50 feet of quarter-inch floating polyethylene core rope (max strength 1,465 pounds). It has a fully adjustable quick-release nylon belt and can be worn on the waist or lap. Easy to stuff after each use, the bag fits flat against the body, has a quick-drying mesh top, foam side panels for flotation and reflective piping.

Quick Throw Pro from Level Six

Price: $120

The Quick Throw Pro features 65 feet of 3/8” static dyneema rope with a new glow in the dark sheath. Its new easy re-stuff system means you can pack the bag faster and easier than ever before. High-visibility reflective piping and screens, mesh drainage panels, a 600-denier durable nylon bag and belt loops to pair with a new quick-release throw bag belt creating the ultimate rescue system available.

Team Carbon Shiznit from Predator

Price: $209

New limited edition visor colorways. Features include a heat-cured pre-preg full carbon shell, medium length visor and PD1 dial fit-adjuster, as well as fit kit. Plus: multi-impact closed-cell EVA foam liner, durable Dacron chinstrap webbing and buckles with locking side divider. Stainless steel rivets. CE EN1385 certified.

Zeta from Shred Ready

Price: $169.95

The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet combines the style and swagger of iconic sports figures with DCLAN energy management foams on a user-friendly platform. Three anatomically correct shell sizes allow for the perfect fit. ABS injection molded shell. Multi-Impact molded DCLAN foam liner. HOG 4.0 BOA Retention system. Interchangeable fitting pads. 2019 IDEA Design Award winner.

Huck 70′ Throw Bag from Kokatat

Price: $169

Ideal for kayak touring, the Salus Ungava is a unisex-style vest with all of Salus’ trademark features, including soft foam, round edges and contour fit. Additional features, including hand-warmer pockets, the ability to attach a quick-release belt, zippered security pocket, mesh drop-down pocket for quick access, five lash points and added reflective trim, make the Ungava a welcome companion on any water adventure.

Sparehand Demo Rack

The new Demo Rack is an original innovation from Sparehand. Aimed at retailers, the Demo Rack is ideal for showcasing pedal drive kayaks, allowing customers to test out a kayak’s configuration and pedal to their heart’s content without having to hit the water.

“The Demo Racks elevates the kayak to clear the drive system, and allows for easy paddler on and off,” says Spearhand rep Mike Tsou. Sparehand president Dennis Wang was on hand to show how easy and stable it is to get on and off a kayak when resting on the demo unit.

Made of high tensile steel, the Demo Rack comes in two sizes. The shorter option lifts the kayak 14 inches off the ground while the taller unit lifts the kayak 17 inches off the ground. The Demo Rack is rated for 410 pounds.

The Demo Rack can also be used for showcasing canoes. It’s also a perfect storage rack for home use as well.

The Demo Rack’s curved features and safety straps help center and stabilize larger boats.

“This portable rack improves the retailer experience by allowing customers to test boats in-store,” summarizes Tsou. MSRP is $299 – $369.

Ugo Dry Packs Keep Your Electronics Safe

Anyone who spends much time around the water has lost a cell phone, keys, wallet or all three into the drink. To prevent further loss, Ugo Dry Packs are the toughest personal carriers on the water.

Starting with a high-quality, dry-suit zipper that’s approved for hazmat suits, Ugo seals out all water and seals in air. Not only is the Ugo air-tight, but it floats, too. The clear window allows paddlers to see and use their phone. Use the phone to film photos and video underwater. It even plays music with minimal sound dampening. The Ugo keeps electronics from overheating or freezing and it doesn’t collect condensation.

The case comes with a padded strap and D-rings to attach to a belt. After thousands of units sold, Ugo says they’ve never had a failure. In addition to holding electronics, the Ugo also has room for keys, wallet and other smalls. The dry pack comes in sizes for a cell phone, tablet or small computer. They’re working with Line Cutterz to develop a model for anglers.

To keep your electronics safe, rely on Ugo Dry Packs on the water and off.

7 Best Life Jackets for Canoeing in 2020

Discover some of the year’s best life jackets from Salus Marine Wear, Stohlquist WaterWare, Gul Performance Wear, MTI Life Jackets and Kokatat. Whether you’re looking for a PFD for an adventure just out your back door, or a PFD that will keep you safe on the trip of a lifetime, these versatile life jackets will keep you protected on the water.

The Best Life Jackets for Canoeing in 2020

Solo by Salus Marine Wear 

Price: $139

Designed with a unique combination of soft foam for comfort and Cordura nylon material for durability, the solo is well suited for any performance sport. Mesh shoulders and large armholes offer freedom, while eight points of adjustment ensure a customized fit. Convenient cargo-style pockets keep your valuables safe and fleece-lined side pockets keep your hands warm. Available in red or mango color.

Cadence from Stohlquist WaterWare

Price: $119.95

Soft foam and a thin back design provide more mobility and comfort for long days on the water. Two large zippered front pockets and large quick-stash pockets hold everything you need to bring with you, and keep it secure and easy to reach. Cross-chest cinch straps eliminate ride-up, and the internal mesh helps regulate temperatures on warm days.

Hustle and Hustle R from Kokatat

Price: $139.95

The low-profile, side-entry Hustle PFD has two stacked and sculpted GAIA PVC-free floating foam panels that wrap around the torso to allow optimal comfort. Covered in 210D high-tenacity ripstop nylon with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and three side adjustments for secure fit. A large front pocket allows for secure internal organization. A single lash tab on the front for accessories.

Stepping up, the Hustle R provides guides, teachers and rescuers a full Type 5 rescue vest with the same fit and comfort as the Hustle in a pull-over vest. The Hustle R adds quick release safety harness and O-ring and protected rescue tab lash tab. The Hustle R is covered with tough, dependable and stain-resistant 500D Cordura.

Saco PFD from GUL Performance Apparel

Price: $175

The versatile Saco PFD delivers ultimate protection, comfort and peace of mind, whether enjoying whitewater adventures or flatwater touring. Featuring an anatomical fit, this pullover, low-profile PFD utilizes Gul’s Infinity+ failsafe shoulder strap system. Incorporates a Spacer Mesh Liner, 3D webbing, anti-ride-up waist belt, spacious Slimline front pocket, reflective details and EaZZy glide straps.

Ungava from Salus Marine Wear

Price: $169

Ideal for kayak touring, the Salus Ungava is a unisex-style vest with all of Salus’ trademark features, including soft foam, round edges and contour fit. Additional features, including hand-warmer pockets, the ability to attach a quick-release belt, zippered security pocket, mesh drop-down pocket for quick access, five lash points and added reflective trim, make the Ungava a welcome companion on any water adventure.

Nomad from MTI Life Jackets

Price: $89.95

MTI’s new premium universal vest. Large cargo pockets with stretch mesh offer secure storage for must-carry items like a smartphone. Stash sunglasses in the elastic loops without fumbling to open a pocket. Features upscale Oxford and ripstop nylon fabric finished with reflective material and adjustable padded shoulders and handy tethered signal whistle—because a vest with so many bells deserves a whistle.

Betsea from Stohlquist WaterWare

Price: $129.95

The women’s specific Betsea features the ergonomic Wrapture-shaped torso that wraps around the body for a close, low profile and comfortable fit. The Cross-Chest Cinch harness keeps flotation positioned low on the torso, eliminating ride-up. Interior sculpted cups and Stohlquist’s exclusive Graded Sizing ensure the perfect fit. Also available in Petite size (75 to 125 pounds) for smaller paddlers.

7 Best Kayak Paddles for 2020

Discover some of the year’s best kayak paddles from Sawyer Paddles and Oars, Aqua-Bound, GearLab, Angle Oar and Werner Paddles. These excellent designs showcase superior touring performance and are dependable in any conditions.

The Best Kayak Paddles

Trout Unlimited Copperhead Kayak Paddle from Sawyer Paddles

Price: $395

Sawyer’s perfect all-around performance touring kayak paddle for the recreational paddler. Features an ovalized straight shaft with a large grip for easy indexing. The stunning and buoyant dihedral carved paddle blade cores are reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber and Sawyer’s distinctive Dynel ToughEdge providing reinforcement for inevitable impacts. A percentage of every paddle sold helps TU.

Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle from Angle Oar

Price: $315

Versa opens up kayaking for people with shoulder or back injuries, physical disabilities (including one-arm amputees), or limited upper body strength. Versa comes with a mount for sit-in kayaks that supports the weight of the paddle, reducing joint stress and creating a smaller range of motion. Can be used straight or angled. Great for adaptive paddling, military or parks and rec programs.

Tango Fiberglass from Aqua-Bound

Price: $289.95

A few years ago the Tango came out of the gates and converted kayakers with its flutter-free forward stroke and effortless weight (just 26 ounces). Now a trusted companion on the water, the Tango has the look and feel that consumers are coming into shops asking for. New this year is the Green Tide pattern that really stands out on and off the water. Hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Kalleq from Gearlab Outdoors

Price: $438

The Kalleq offers kayakers the ultimate touring experience. It is the lightest and strongest paddle in Gearlab’s line, thanks to its revolutionary engineering, brilliant design, premium materials and seamless carbon fiber construction.

Surge from Werner Paddles

Price: $260

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high-impact resistant fiberglass layup. Tested by some of the best expedition kayakers in the world on some of the most demanding rivers. The Surge delivers confidence with every stroke.

Whiskey Fiberglass Bent from Aqua-Bound

Price: $399.95

The Whiskey is a high-angle paddlers dream about, offering unmatched horsepower and torque with minimal effort. Add in the natural bent shaft and you leave fatigue in the rearview mirror. Now available in the Green Tide pattern, the three blade options are sure to make a real statement on the water. Hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Gamut Mount-Supported Paddle Holder from Angle Oar

Price: $170

The Gamut Paddle Holder supports the weight of your paddle, reducing stress on shoulders, joints and back. It comes with a support mount that attaches to most sit-in kayaks. The rotating head allows the paddle to move in every direction. Perfect for longtime paddlers who aren’t ready to give up kayaking due to age or injury. Great for adaptive paddling, military and parks and rec programs.

Suspenz SUP Beach Cart and EZ-Fold SUP Stand

Suspenz EZ-Fold SUP Portable Stands
Suspenz EZ-Fold SUP Portable Stands

Standup paddleboards are a great grab-and-go option for water babies, but longer, wider and heavier boards still need some help getting to the launch.

Suspenz developed the Double Up SUP Beach Cart and EZ Fold SUP Portable Stands are a two-step solution to handling a big, heavy SUP. After removing the SUP from the roof racks or truck bed, set it horizontally on the portable stands to install a box fin or stick the board in the V-cradle keep the board from being damaged on the ground.

The EZ Fold stands work great for storage at home, too. Once the board is assembled and waxed up, set it in the Double-Up SUP Beach Cart with a padded cradle for two full-size SUPs. The balloon tires will traverse any terrain, moving two SUPs with two fingers on the padded handle. To maintain air pressure in the low-pressure tires, Suspenz includes a special air pump. Using the SUP Beach Cart and EZ Fold stand makes it easy to grab your SUP and go.

7 Best Inflatable Paddleboards (SUPs) for 2020

Discover some of the year’s best inflatable recreational kayaks from Airboard, Hala Gear, SIC Maui, Sea Eagle, Bishop Boards, and SOL Paddle Boards. Just show up to the launch, unroll, pump and paddle away. Inflatable boards combine portability with versatility. Find the perfect board for your next adventure, whether you’re paddling near or far.

The Best Inflatable SUPs for Paddlers

Airboard Ultralight Edition by Airboard 

Price: $990

Airboard sets the new standard in terms of weight and pack size. Designed to fold down to the size of a day pack. With a weight of 13 pounds, it challenges the industry. The SUP backpack serves as a volume pump as well as a dry bag. Truly innovative and functional design, easy to store and extremely portable, allowing the freedom to paddle anywhere. Three sizes. Includes PumpBag, Nanopump, leash and fin.

Rado by Hala Gear

Price: $1,349

Good luck finding a place where you can’t paddle this board. The Hala Rado’s large weight capacity is perfect for overnight camping, extended expeditions and paddling around the lake with extra passengers along for the ride. Featuring Hala’s Stompbox, a retractable fin system allowing for smooth sailing on the river, you can load it up and paddle it down the Hala Rado. (Get it? Say it fast!)

SOLatomic from SOL Paddle Boards

Price: $1,149

Nothing crushes the whitewater like the SOLatomic. At eight inches thick and full rocker from tip to tail, the SOLatomic charges through the whitewater and has unprecedented stability. The SOLatomic is a great addition to the already stacked SOL Paddle Board fleet. Check out the SOLatomic and all the full SOL Paddle Board lineup at Paddlesports Retailer 2019.

Newt from Bishop Boards

Price: $1,099

Looking for a great kid’s or smaller person’s inflatable board, check out the Newt. It’s the right fit for smaller frames. It’s super light, thin and has a sweet shape, like Bishop Boards’ most popular all-around boards. Also perfect for park and play whitewater spots and waves, and a jaunt to the surf. In these venues, larger paddlers with experience will enjoy it too. Dimensions: 8′ x 28″.

FishSUP 126 from Sea Eagle

Price: $799-$1,599

Stable, tough and versatile. The inflatable FS126 takes your fishing to a whole new level. At 12.5 feet long and 40 inches wide, this board is not just stable, it gives you plenty of room for all your gear. Paddle or motor, fish sitting or standing. Has a fish ruler, removable motor mount, d-rings and more. Packs down small to fit in any car trunk, inflates in seven minutes and can hold up to two people, or 500 pounds.

Okeanos AIR-GLIDE Inflatable from SIC Maui

Price: $879.95

Okeanos is named after the ancient Greek god of the sea and was further inspired by the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This new series is focused on fitness, touring and voyaging the unknown. Available in both rigid and Air-Glide Premium Inflatable Technology. Three inflatable sizes: 11’, 12’6 and 14’. Starting at $849.95.

Carbon Hoss from Hala Gear

Price: $1,399

Want to strike a balance between stability and speed? Look no further than the Carbon Hoss. Hala has carefully tailored this board to feel stable for a wide range of paddlers, while inflatable carbon technology provides unequaled speed and glide performance in the all-around category. There isn’t another board quite like this out there. Hop on the Hoss and let the adventure begin.

12 Best Inflatable Recreational Kayaks for 2020

Discover some of the year’s best inflatable recreational kayaks from Advanced Elements, Innova, Aquaglide, AIRE and Sea Eagle. Perfect for day trips and light touring, each of these kayaks boasts comfort, versatility and efficiency. Grab one of these boats and get on the water.

The Best Inflatable Recreational Kayaks for Paddlers

AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite by Advanced Elements 

Price: $999.99

Take it to the next level with the all-new AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite. A 15-foot kayak that can be paddled solo or tandem, the Convertible Elite combines aluminum rib-frame technology in the bow and stern and rigid drop stitch technology in the floor to provide paddling performance that rivals a hard shell kayak.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite from Advanced Elements

Price: $849.99

A truly hybrid inflatable kayak, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite incorporates proven aluminum rib frame technology in the bow and stern, along with a drop stitch floor, to provide optimal paddling performance and rigidity. At 13 feet long, with plenty of storage space, the Expedition Elite is a perfect kayak for any adventure.

Rush 1 from Innova

Price: $899.99

The Kayak Rush 1 features innovative construction and further developed drop-stitch technology (hydrodynamic formed bow and stern) and is suitable for recreation on calm lakes, close to shore paddling, and for rivers up to class II. Optional accessories include rudder and removable deck. The Rush’s advantages include versatility, speed and stability.

Deschutes 130 from Aquaglide

Price: $699.99

Named after the famous Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon, the Deschutes Series of kayaks are just as rugged and diverse as the river itself. Designed and built to withstand both the rigors of recreational touring, this versatile line of inflatable kayaks inspire confidence. Duratex construction coupled with FeatherFrame EVA floor offer rigidity and lightweight, efficient performance.

Island Voyage 2 from Advanced Elements

Price: $429.99

The Island Voyage 2 is a compact and durable recreational inflatable kayak equipped with several unique features that make it perfect for fun on the water. With a multi-layer construction, multiple grab handles, bungee deck lacing, high-back seats, and a pointed bow with rocker and tracking fin for enhanced performance, the Island Voyage 2 is ready for your next adventure.

Tributary Sawtooth from AIRE

Price: $999

Updated for 2020, this true touring kayak was lengthened to accommodate more room for you and your gear. The inflatable V hull features a removable skeg and is more stable and comfortable than ever, plus it offers greater load capacity. Get away from it all for some quality time on the water. It’s perfect for a day of light touring or even an extended lake camping adventure.

RazorLite 393rl from Sea Eagle

Price: $949-$1,049

A lighter, narrower, sleeker, faster to paddle and higher-performance solo kayak for the adventurer. The world’s first all drop stitch, inflatable kayak, the 393rl paddles up to six miles per hour, weighs just 35 pounds, inflates in seven minutes and holds one person or up to 500 pounds. Tracks straight and true for easier, smoother paddling. Includes the FlexBrace Foot Rest with 20 adjustable positions.

StraitEdge2 PRO from Advanced Elements

Price: $1,099

Fully upgraded with drop stitch technology, the StraitEdge2 PRO is a 13-foot sit-on-top tandem kayak combining aluminum rib frame technology in the bow with rigid drop stitch technology in the floor to provide exceptional paddling performance. It features open-close bail ports, adjustable foot pegs, high-back seats, gear tie-downs, and three seating positions for set up as a solo or tandem.

PackLite Kayak from Advanced Elements

Price: $329.99

Weighing in at four pounds, the PackLite Kayak is designed to be an extremely compact and lightweight recreational inflatable kayak with several unique features to make it the perfect ultralight kayak for paddling in the most remote locations. It has three chambers for optimum safety and packs down to the size of a handbag. Paddling a remote alpine lake or stream has never been this easy.

AdvancedFrame Kayak from Advanced Elements

Price: $529.99

The AdvancedFrame is a hybrid of a folding frame kayak and an inflatable kayak. Utilizing built-in aluminum ribs in the bow and stern, it slices through water like a knife and rivals the trackability of hard-shell kayaks. The stern acts as a skeg, increasing the tracking performance. It uses extremely durable materials and features many high-end components.

AirFusion EVO from Advanced Elements

Price: $1,199

A 2018 OutDoor Industry Award-winning design, the AirFusion EVO is unlike any other inflatable kayak on the water. The first of its kind, the AirFusion EVO’s unique design is a fusion of aluminum frame poles, high-pressure drop stitch air chambers, and a fully enclosed outer polyurethane skin, which results in a streamlined high-performance kayak that tracks like a rigid hard shell.

AdvancedFrame Ultralite from Advanced Elements

Price: $649.99

Utilizing aluminum rib frame technology in the bow and stern and ultralight materials in a three-layer construction, the AdvancedFrame Ultralite is a high-performance kayak with superior hull speed and tracking in a 17-pound package. Fully featured, with items like d-rings, foot bracing, paddle guards and bungee deck lacing, this kayak is well equipped for your next ultralight adventure.

2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards: Winners Announced

Industry Awards at Paddlesports Retailer 2019. | Photo: Alex Traynor

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 28, 2019 // Paddlesports Retailer’s official media partner Rapid Media presented the second annual Paddling Magazine Industry Awards tonight at the Paddlesports Retailer Show and Paddlesports Industry Dinner.

The Paddling Magazine Industry Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of new products introduced to the paddlesports market at the 2019 Paddlesports Retailer Show, which was attended by more than 120 exhibitors showing 200 brands, and 357 buyers.

“The Paddling Magazine Industry Awards embodies the paddlesports industry’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit,” said emcee and Rapid Media founder and publisher Scott MacGregor, presenting the awards on stage at Oklahoma City’s 100,000 square-foot Cox Convention Center.

The winners were voted on from the 92 products featured in the New Product Showcase by Paddling Magazine. This show feature provides Paddlesports Retailer exhibitors with an outstanding opportunity to introduce new products to onsite and offsite retail buyers and editorial media. More than 22,262 votes were cast onsite and online at www.paddlingawards.com by retail buyers, consumers and media.

The award winners are as follows:

Paddling Magazine Product & Industry Awards

1. Best Touring/Recreational Kayak — Virgo by P&H Sea Kayaks

P&H Kayaks Virgo
P&H Sea Kayaks’ Virgo

2. Best Whitewater Boat—Rewind by Dagger

Dagger Rewind Cosmos
Rewind by Dagger

3. Best Fishing Boat and Board— Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Technology by Hobie

Hobie Pro Angler 14 with 360 Mirage Drive
Hobie Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Technology

4. Best SUP—Okeanos Air-Glide 12’6″ x 31″ Inflatable by SIC Maui

SIC Maui AirGlide Okeanos
SIC Maui AirGlide Okeanos

5. Best Canoe—Explorer Carbon by Mad River

Mad River Canoe Explorer Carbon
Explorer Carbon by Mad River Canoe

6. Best Paddle—Surge by Werner Paddles

Surge by Werner Paddles
Surge by Werner Paddles

7. Best Safety & Rescue—Hustle R by Kokatat

Kokatat Hustle R PFD
Kokatat Hustle R PFD

8. Best Clothing/Apparel—Torrent Pro by Chaco

Torrent Pro by Chaco
Torrent Pro by Chaco

9. Best Rigging & Outfitting—5 Circuit Digital Switcher by Yak Power

5 Circuit Digital Switcher by Yak Power
5 Circuit Digital Switcher by Yak Power

10. Best Transport/Storage/Launching—Deck Bag by Gearlab

Gearlab Deck Bag
Gearlab Deck Bag

11. Best Paddling Accessory—Gator Patch by Gator Guards

Gator Guard Gator Patch
Gator Guard Gator Patch

Best In Show Award

All category award winners were eligible for the Best of Show Award which got announced at the end of the Paddlesports Retailer Show.

This year, the Best In Show award went to Hobie with the Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Technology.

Best In Show – Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Technology

Hobie Pro Angler 14 with 360 Mirage Drive
Hobie Pro Angler 14 with 360 Mirage Drive

Congratulations to all the award winners.

About Paddlesports Retailer

Paddlesports Retailer is a trade show, endorsed by the Paddlesports Trade Coalition, providing the premier commercial and cultural experience for exhibitors, retailers, media and industry advocates alike. Paddlesports Retailer runs August 26-29, 2019 beginning with demo day at Riversports Rapids Adventure Park followed by three days of exhibiting at Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center. For more information, visit www.paddlesportsretailer.com or contact: [email protected]

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Rapid Media is the world’s leading paddlesports media company. Rapid Media publishes Kayak Angler, Paddling Magazine and Paddling Business, including the Paddling Buyer’s Guide and Paddling Trip Guide annuals. Rapid Media also produces the Paddling Film Festival and Rapid Media TV.

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