Africa By Kayak (Video)

Beau Miles attempts a 4000km expedition—nothing goes as planned.

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I don’t where the river mouth is, I don’t know what  f***ing town this is… I got a broken toe, a chafe to the left arm and right nipple, and these shorts are starting to stink.”

In 2007, Beau Miles attempted to paddle 4000km from one side of Africa to the other. Starting in Mozambique and continuing along the South African coast, Beau allowed five months to complete the voyage. With him for over half the journey was Jared Sharples of New Zealand.

Together the pair experienced the magnificent coast until Jared, who was very ill, left the expedition. Beau paddled alone for six weeks, experiencing for the first time in his life, a truly nomadic, solo existence. Battling huge surf, Beau completed 2000km of the original plan after realizing that his trip wasn’t about kilometers gained but rather the quality of the experience.

Africa By Kayak is one of Miles’ first kayaking films and a fan favorite. Miles is a jack of many trades—sea kayaker, educator, ultra-runner and craftsman. His frank and quirky humor have turned many of his films into award-winners. Bass By Kayak and Junk Paddle won awards at Paddling Magazine’s annual Paddling Film Festival. Watch them below.

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