Dane Jackson Lands A Triple-Rotation Tomahawk (Video)

One rotation is enough for most.

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The past 24 months have been largely characterized by canceled events, restricted movements and chronic uncertainty. For many paddlers, this has resulted in more time spent mucking around on local runs, making the most of every single play feature the river has to offer.

It is out of this rejuvenated, playful energy that the tomahawk or the “Tennessee tomahawk” trend was born.

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But what is a tomahawk? First, visualize the motion of throwing a tomahawk hatchet. The paddler is the hatchet. A successful kayak tomahawk means throwing the bodyweight fully overhead in mid-air in order to complete a 360 roll before landing and hitting the water. The trick is performed on a sloping ledge that leads down into a body of water.

We’ve seen paddlers throw their weight with style and grace, landing in an active position and ready to take on the rapids ahead. We’ve also watched paddlers take the hit with their faces. Now, in true Dane Jackson fashion, we’ve even seen double tomahawk–with a bonus rotation at the lip. Enjoy this new trick below.

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  1. Get it right… he performs a double tomahawk, the rotation he makes on the rock is to gain enough momentum to perform the #dub. Dub meaning double, the post itself is tagged with #dub


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